MA DDB backup job seem to be not pruning any data

  • 11 March 2021
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I was looking at the data size by client on a MA via Commvault console; saw somthing wired that file system backups were consuming few TBs of data although the customer’s file sytem was pretty small. 

Investigated further and it appears that none of the DDB backups are not pruned or removed since the Mediaagent was deployed last year, so all this TB of data on the MA belongs to DDB backups.  Could not see any reason why that should be the case; there is only one active DDB for that MA


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2 replies

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this is now sorted by Commvault support; the issue was someone had ticked the option of “Enabled Managed Disk space for library” which was causing the jobs not to prune. 

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Hi @Theseeker 

Usually the DDB Pruning works a little bit different as it does not follow the same standard retention associated to the Storage Policy. Usually a DDB backup is pruned when the job is not the last backup job associated to that DDB. Refer to: DDB Backup Pruning Process (at the end of the page)


I would start looking at a Data Retention Forecast Report since that can give you a good start as to why some of the jobs are not getting pruned.


Some reasons for not aging are; (according to Data Aging - Troubleshooting)

Deduplication database (DDB) jobs are not pruned because:

  • The DDB backup for each substore is retained.

  • The DDB backup for each substore before the last disaster recovery is retained.

  • There is a configuration in place to retain more than one DDB backup.

  • There is a configuration in place to retain the DDB backups of a sealed store.

  • A DDB backup is manually retained.

  • If the configuration to pick DDB backup jobs for auxiliary copy operation is in place and a DDB backup job is not copied during the auxiliary copy operation, then that DDB job is retained.