MS SQL NetApp IntelliSnap LUN Layout

  • 23 October 2022
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Hi Community,

are there any recommendations regarding the NetApp storage LUN layout for a MS SQL Server?
I have not found anything in the documentation.
I would implement following layout:

Disk1: VMDK - OS
Disk2: NetApp LUN - SQL User DB / System DB
Disk3: NetApp LUN - SQL Logs

Or would you separate User DB and System DB?

Thanks for your feedback!
best regards,


Best answer by Scott Reynolds 24 October 2022, 13:46

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Hi @ak2 

There is nothing wrong with the config you are listing. Note from a backup/CVLT perspective this layout does not matter. As long as all databases (user and system) are located on netapp lun the backup can snap the DBs without issue. A common config seen is system dbs on local disk and user dbs on LUNS. In that setup you could not snap the system DBs (create separate subclients for user and system DBs allow system dbs to backup via streaming and user dbs via snap)


In your setup the only possible concern is if you have a very busy user DB it would affect the instance since it shares the LUN as the system dbs. However as noted from backup perspective it does not matter this is more of the MSFT SQL performance issue.