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  • 7 September 2021
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Hi All,


we have an new installation of CV and we have started an very big netapp cifs backup. The Serverplan has an Operation window active where the client is asscociated. 


What happend with the running job when we change the operation window ?


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7 replies

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That’s a good question.  I’ll talk to some folks internally.

Tom confirm, you’re basically asking if you make a change to the plan that affects the currently running job, what happens?

I’ll find out if the operation window is affective at the job start, or at regular intervals (or something different).

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Hi Mike,


yes you are right. 


Thanks for your help

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@SSchmidt if you are going to change the operation window. Depending on the changes made it would affect the current running jobs. If the window was changed to widen the blackout window and that included the current time then once the changes are made the current running jobs should then into a queued state as opposed to pending state.


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Is there an difference between blackuout window and operation window ? 


By default, all operations in the CommCell will run for 24 hours without restriction. However, it may be necessary to prevent operations from running during certain time periods of the day. To accomplish this, you can define blackout window operation rules which disable certain operations from running during the time period you specify. This ensures that unexpected, time consuming operations do not disrupt the availability of network bandwidth, data, or storage resources when they are most needed.

When blackout window operation rules are configured, operations that are started within the time window specified will go to a queued (as opposed to pending) state. After the time window specified in the blackout window operation rule has elapsed, these queued operations resume automatically. If any operations are already running within the time window, then the operations are not affected. The window rules are applicable only to the new operations that start after the time window.

Blackout window operation rules can be defined using the Blackout Window at the following levels in the CommCell environment:

  • CommServe
  • Client Computer Group
  • Client
  • Agent
  • Backup Set
  • Subclient
  • MediaAgent
  • Schedule Policy
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@SSchmidt Blackout and Operation window are the same thing.

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okay than back to teh question running jobs are affected or not :)

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@SSchmidt Yes jobs will be affected if you change the Operation (Blackout) window and it overlaps with the current time.