Problem with restoring O365 mailbox

  • 14 May 2024
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I try to restore an O365 mailbox to a pst file.

I lots of the errors below in the log and it is not restoring.

We are running 11.28.115

Any idea what the problem can be? At this time i am running a verification job on the storage.


15288 5e60  05/14 14:50:52 2796697 Failed to parse file [C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\iDataAgent\JobResults\CV_JobResults\2\2\2796697\Restore\Staging\2796697_15288\15288_10128_stage001.cpy]
15288 5e60  05/14 14:50:52 2796697 Failed to restore message [Inbox/RE: gesprek vrijwilliger] (9930988ex0c0cx4facxb858xfd3ebcc1b542!00f5ccb1083fdd68634b1fe7ebdf1d5bce2ec4e71cf2bd497d7708b666dd5d56)
15288 5e60  05/14 14:50:52 2796697 ExRstMsgHandlerBase::OnBufferPlFsEof() - File processing failed, Subject: RE: gesprek vrijwilliger, Entry ID: 000000002052FBF60AA5EB4C8550CD5352DF56C40700A4AA55EE671F9743BD7A304C82DA728600000000010C0000A4AA55EE671F9743BD7A304C82DA7286000010594A060000
15288 5e60  05/14 14:50:52 2796697 Corrupt data file, Failed to get marker 0x02 at location 70


1 reply

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Hello @Riconl 

Thanks for the great question, I am assuming this is the doco you are following:

Can you confirm if you are able to restore out of place or in-place back into O365? This will validate that the data you are restoring is healthy and its just the .PST operation that is failing. 

Kind regards

Albert Williams