remove cache directory path for hybrid file store

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A path for hybrid file store cache directory is configured.
I suspect that this path affect my jobs, I want to remove it.
when I just delete the path text, I get error to enter valid cache directory



Best answer by Bill Katcher 24 May 2022, 17:12

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@Mostafa Amin , you’ll have to move can’t remove it because there is valid index data there.

Is there a drive you can move it to?

To rewind a bit, why do you think it will affect your jobs?


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@Mike Struening 
I don’t use “hybrid file store” so I don’t need the path.
I have file system backup jobs fails in archive phase using this media agent … databases backup jobs on the same media agent are done successfully.

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@Bill Katcher , is this something you can advise on?

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@Mostafa Amin @Mike Struening 

As I’ve replied in the other thread: That path won’t affect your jobs and won’t be used for anything until you create an HFS client. There is no need to erase the setting.