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  • 13 August 2021
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Good morning all

I”m using a Plan to configure backup policies, etc.

I would like to disable the option to do Incremental backups and only run Fulls. I’ve not been able to do this within the Plan. I need to go into the GUI and disable it in the Schedule.

The Plan does update with an ‘invalid data’ error, which isn’t a massive issue. 
However, I’d prefer to use a Plan setting to disable this. Am I missing something?

I’ve attached a copy of my current setting and not made the chante yet.




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Hello Mauro,


I don't think we have the option to disable Incremental from the Plan itself.

By default, the plan includes a continuous incremental schedule set to the RPO value for the plan.


One option will be editing the Backup Window and select all slots as "Do not run interval”

Backup window: The days and times when an incremental backup job can run


Since you cannot disable the RPO section completely, I can also recommend setting a very high value (like 365 days for example) if you don't want those jobs to run frequently.




Hope this helps!


Best regards,

Sarahy Pardo 

Commvault Server Team




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I’ll provide a two part answer to this as it will depend on what feature release you are on.   Before I get to that, I would always caution manually manipulating Command Center constructs like plans within the Java UI.   Since a plan is a virtual container of many configuration points, manually manipulating one of them in Java can lead to any number of undesired outcomes.  But I understand why you would do it… i just need to change the schedule, it should be simple (and I agree)


I’ve been speaking with many customers on the different scenarios where plans don't really fit their use cases.   I’ve been evolving plans over the last 2 years or so to fit the majority and we are at the point where some of the edge cases are being equated for without drastically changing the current experience.


So part 1:  In FR25 your use case is handled, and can be natively all in Command Center.  Since FR25 isnt in tech preview yet, I can only say so much, but as soon as it drops, I will update this post (someone please remind me) and ill post images of the changes, and we can further discuss the bits.  


Part 2:   Assuming you may not want to upgrade (when its released), what can be done now is the following:  a bit hacky ill admit, but you can set the RPO to something like 1 year, and leave the full schedule in place at daily.  This will essentially give you a full only plan and 1 incremental per year.  Hopefully before that next incremental, you will get to FR25+ and use the new RPO scheduling mechanism to truly set it the proper way.  

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Good afternoon all

Thank you both so much for the very concise answers. They’re definitely both very useful.

I try and avoid making changes that will affect a Plan via the GUI, so I left both schedules in for now.
I’m glad that it’ll be rectified in the next FR, so I will upgrade to it once released.

In the mean time I will just change the RPO to 365 days as you both mentioned and then update the changes once FR25 is released.

Thank you so much again for the prompt responses.


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Awesome, keep me posted!

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Hi @MFasulo,

This is just a gentle reminder for you to go into more details about Plan changes in FR25. I’m very interested :-)

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@Robert Horowski   Thanks for the ping!


The plan creation pane has been replaced with a wizard provide more inline options, like deriving, multi-region and schedule manipulation can be done upfront.   

Schedule manipulation includes; deleting schedules, adding additional schedules, add backup type, differential, and allow database only scheduling all from the creation wizard AND from the plan properties page itself.  These changes may seem small, but covers a majority of the use cases, including having a plan with no RPO based schedule in the event you want to run backups on-demand.  Do note that even though the RPO based schedule can be deleted, the synfull and translog schedules still exist for closing cycles.  




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Thanks @MFasulo !

That is very interesting and looks like what I need in at least a couple of cases. I will definitely need to test it as soon as I could find some spare time to launch FR25 in my lab.