Resource allocation failed for this job

  • 1 June 2021
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Hi all!


Jobs related with storage policy, that backs up data directly to the tape (primary copy to the tape) start with failing error output No resources/ No Resource: Allocated

However, there should be enough tapes in the scratch pool. Nothing useful found in logs of the job.

Do you have any ideas what could be wrong there?


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Hey @drPhil , what’s the actual error code? that might help narrow it down.

Are these jobs being kicked off a schedule (and many jobs fail) or is it one client in particular?  Are there any disabled subclients in the schedule, or subclients with no Storage Policy?

No resources could mean tapes, or drives, or a few other things.  the exact error code number will help.


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Hi @Mike Struening. Sure, that ’s a good idea to view error messages first. I should have done it:blush: .

So, the error output of the failed job from the job report helps a little bit:


• ERROR CODE [32:406]: Library [LIBRARY_6QA], MediaAgent [maapw1], Drive Pool [DrivePool(maapw1)30], Media[]: There are not enough drives in the drive pool. This could be due to drive limit set on master pool if this failure is for magnetic library. Advice: Please check the following: 1. There are drives with compatible recording format to the media being written. 2. There are enough available drives in the drive pool for this job. If the issue persists, please contact customer support.
Source: ONLY_TAPEIS, Process: JobManager
• ERROR CODE [32:406]: Library [LIBRARY_6QA], MediaAgent [maapw4], Drive Pool [DrivePool(maapw4)31], Media[]: Preferred data path is offline or busy. Advice: Please check the library, MediaAgent and drivepool of default data paths are online and available for write.
Source: ONLY_TAPEIS, Process: JobManager
• ERROR CODE [32:406]: Library [LIBRARY_OEN8], MediaAgent [maapw1], Drive Pool [DrivePool(maapw1)11], Media[]: Data Path is disabled. Advice: Please enable the desired data path from the Data Paths tab of the Storage Policy Copy properties.
Source: ONLY_TAPEIS, Process: JobManager


Our findings will be now focused on the first tape library since the second one has not data path enabled.

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All good, @drPhil !  These no resources errors could mean ALMOST ANYTHING, not to mention it’s very time stamp specific, as looking an hour later could show tons of tapes and drives, etc. sitting there idle :grin:

At quick glance, your issue is that the main library has no free drives, so it went to data path 2 that, as you said, has no data path enabled (but really, the main issue is the first message).

Let me know what you discover!

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I understood that you have a storage policy that performs direct backup from source to tape : correct ?

Can it be possible that you have multiple clients attached to this StoragePolicy that do run their backups at the same time, so some backups have allocated the free drive(s), while new backups report to have no free drive to perform the backup ?

Can you detail a bit the tape library configuration and the number of backup jobs to the SP using it ?

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If you have multiple jobs going to the save drive, you can turn on / increase multiplexing on the storage policy to allow more streams (and inherently, jobs) to run at once. Just don’t go too crazy as multiplexing too much reduces read/restore performance

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The root of the trouble seems to be lack of free drives in the main library. We have enabled the second library and the backup jobs went well. To sum up, "the resource allocation failed for this job" could really mean, that a tape library is busy and there is not enough free drives. Thanks @Mike Struening , @Damian Andre, @Laurent