SNMP enabler problems

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Hi All,


Was thinking of asking question here - maybe faster response and fresh heads will do the trick :)


Previously on SP16 we had SNMP enabler installed, working for quite some time and then suddenly when you are trying to configure alert with SNMP option - it is greyed out!

Only idea to fix that was to reinstall it..:Incident 200415-375

Now we are again facing the same issue where SNMP is greyed out again - without any notification why - and this time I would like to solve this without re installing the software for it.

Commcell version: 11.20.40

SNMP enabler is installed:

Any ideas where I could look for clues? Registries?


Oh and by the way: currently set up alerts are sending snmp

New case number: Incident 210428-398


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Hi @Benjis 

Thank you for the question, I can the support ticket is moving forward.

There are dependencies to enable SNMP options:

1 - Windows SNMP service must be installed first.

2 - Commvault SNMP Enabler checks and will only be displayed in the installer if the Windows SNMP service is installed.

3 - Assuming 1 and 2 are both installed, SNMP options in Control Panel should be configurable and SNMP tab in Alerts should become enabled.


I understand you have some running jobs that you would prefer not to interrupt, so Commvault service restart is ruled out for now.

Have you tried restarting the Windows SNMP service and then close/re-open the Java GUI?



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Hi @Stuart Painter,


Of course everything is installed, otherwise existing alerts would not be sending snmp alerts - which they do now.

But we cannot create new alert or modify existing alerts - SNMP is greyed.
And yes - windows snmp service has been restarted, not once :) 

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Hi @Benjis 

I didn’t mean to suggest SNMP wasn’t installed, (as you explain traps are getting sent),  I wanted to explain the service dependencies to see if we could work around the restriction of not restarting Commvault services.

Researching case history, including the previous case you mention, the resolution was to reinstall the SNMP Enabler package, which you are hoping to avoid.

Which version SNMP service are you using?

We could check SNMPv3 settings in Control Panel.

It is expected for SNMPv1, the Control Panel item for SNMPv3 is left blank and unconfigured - the SNMPv1 destination is set within the Windows Service configuration.

For SNMPv3, the Control Panel item should be configured.

Could it be possible that some partial configuration has been entered for SNMPv3, but SNMPv1 is still operational?




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Hi @Stuart Painter 

SNMPv3 is empty - without any configuration:

So we are using SNMPv1.

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Hello @Benjis,

It seems that other people have reported this issue as well. Escalations are being sent to development for further review including your current case that is open with support.

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Hi @Tim H 

Good news we are not alone. I hope this escalation will get the speed it needs..


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Hi @Tim H - any news from Commvault’s front on this escalation? :)

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Hello @Benjis,

No news yet they are still working on it.

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Hi @Edward I dream that it would be as simple as changing some registry key or it’s value to enable the setting.. :) 

Had very similar scenario where outlook has had some options greyed out and all that was nessecary is to change either value of the key or add new key.


Hope development can find the solution soon.

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I have seen the same problem with a customer and the solution provided today was to run a qoperation execscript to reenable SNMP with an authorization code. Please be patient and via incident you will get the solution soon.

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Hi @Ledoesp awesome news that this can be fixed without stopping services. 

Waiting for that to be applied in my case as well :)

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Sharing the resolution in case others are affected:

Ran qoperation execscript -sn QS_SetClientProperty.sql (parameters unique per CCID).


Im getting this error, if I try it:

Can someone help?

C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base>qoperation execscript -sn QS_SetClientProperty.sql -cs ""

Qscript Output:

Failed at RunStringQuery_QS! Error: [Failed to execute SQL Script!].
Msg 50000, Level 15, State 1, Server backcsbal503\COMMVAULT, Procedure QS_SetClientProperty, Line 98
Error: Insufficient command line parameters. Please refer to the readme file and retry with necessary parameters
QS_SetClientProperty completed at Aug 18 2023  3:22PM with Parameters: [, , ]. Exit Code(1).