Uninstall Software jobs being automatically submitted by System

  • 26 November 2021
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Good Day,

As part of a support ticket I’m working on, we have to upgrade our environment from SP20 to SP24.  I had some issues going directly to SP24, but was able to get there by going to SP22, then SP23, and now we’re at 11.24.7.

The issue is that I’ve noticed these Uninstall Software jobs are being automatically created and removing software from our Edge laptop clients.  I’ve looked at the logs for the job but I don’t see a reason for this or what criteria it’s using to select clients.

Has anyone else seen this or can help troubleshoot?  I’ve updated the support ticket I have open but the engineer isn’t in the office today and won’t be back until Monday.

Thanks for any support.

Machine : commserve
File    : JobManager.log

11060 35cc  11/26 09:52:59 1595162 Servant    [---- SYSTEM INITIATED AUTOMATIC UNINSTALL CLIENT REQUEST ----]


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Hi @Nick734810 ,


I suspect that this is the Automatic retiring of Laptops feature.

As per the documentation; “By default, a CommCell laptop is retired if it is offline for 6 months, and deconfigured offline laptops are never deleted.”


You can disable this in Command Center under Manage > CommCell:

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Thanks @MichaelCapon , looks like that’s what is happening.  Appreciate the support.