Where can I find the Failed Item counts for a job?

  • 19 March 2021
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Please can someone point me in the right direction to the log file which contains the information on the Failed Folder on a File System backup.

The backup job shows as completed successfully however the Failed Counts show as 1 Folder 0 Files.



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3 replies

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Depending on which version you’re on, in Command Center right click the job in the job history (or use the action button) > view failed files


It should load a tab with all the failed files and folder, with the reason like below:


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Hi @MFasulo 

I don't see that option when i right click on the job or click on more actions. I only see the below options. 




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@Tom Evans , I’m not seeing that in my lab either.  Can you confirm your full version?  My lab is 11.22.3 and not 11.23.

If you’re looking for the raw data, you can find that detailed in the local Job Results folder.