AUX copy jobs failing with error "Error code: [62:294] error occoured to disk media, path[\\CVDisklib02\...\] cannot impersonate user.

  • 22 November 2023
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environment is running at 11.32.23 version and we are in the process of refreshing the environment. We have 1 old media agent running backups to Network storage. we have added a new media server to environment, configured new mount paths to the same storage in Grid configuration. Backups and restores from and to this storage is working fine. 

We have a DR setup with the same configuration. When we are trying to run a AUX copy from the new media agent in DC to DR storage, the AUX copies are failing with this error. I am attaching the log and screen shot for reference

any urgent help will be appreciated. Going to support is taking a long time to get an answer. we are waiting for 4 days for an answer for an another issue 


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From the media agent (DC > DR), are you able to access that path or does it report an issue?

Logs show: 

7372  1fcc  11/22 14:50:12 694523 CVImpersonateLoggedOnUser() - Failing user impersonation as the user is not able to write to Galaxy log files
7372  1fcc  11/22 14:50:12 694523 CvException::init(): func_name=CImpersonator::CImpersonator, file_name=loggedonuser.cpp, message='Impersonation Error: ImpersonateLoggedOnUser failed', errno= 1327


1327 (0x52F)

Account restrictions are preventing this user from signing in. For example: blank passwords aren't allowed, sign-in times are limited, or a policy restriction has been enforced.


Could you confirm what the UAC level is set to on the DR media agent? We've seen this prevent impersonation before and is a likely factor. If enabled, please trying lowering to 'never notify’ (machine restart may be required) then try again.

Let me know how it goes.




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Thank you Chris for the response… 

the problem was very simple.. the “CommVault\contentstore\logs folder didn’t had enough permissions. Giving full permissions to everyone to this folder resolved the issue.  

the following entries suggested that

7372  1fc8  11/22 14:50:00 694523 [MEDIAFS    ] CloseSpecific: Caught exception: Impersonation Error: ImpersonateLoggedOnUser failed
7372  1fcc  11/22 14:50:00 694523 EvEvent::setMsgEventArguments() - MsgId[0x0d0000f5], Arg[1] = [218104070]
7372  1fcc  11/22 14:50:00 694523 EvEvent::setMsgEventArguments() - MsgId[0x0d0000f5], Arg[2] = [218104062]
7372  1fc8  11/22 14:50:00 694523 [MEDIAFS    ] The operation failed because User impersonation failed. errorno 751