Backup Copy fails with error code 80:125

  • 8 January 2021
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Just wondering why my Backup Copy fails with 80:125 Snap Job [...], Storage Policy [...] is skipped for backup copy as the backup level of job is non-full but the full job of the cycle is not yet copied to backup copy destination.


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Appreciate the post!  As you indicated, this will often occur when Snapshots are manually deleted in Array Mgmt. in the CommCell GUI and on the Array side (likely if space was needed immediately due to Snapshots filling up the Array): ttps://

The error indicates that the job being copied for the Backup Copy operation is a non-full (Incremental or Differential), and the specified cycle's Full has not been copied via the Backup Copy yet. This error will occur when the full job for the cycle has been deleted or marked do not copy. For Incremental or differential backup to be completed, it requires the full backup to determine the changes for the incremental backup copy.

If the Full job is still available in the snap copy on the storage policy you can mark it Pick for Backup copy

If there is no full for the cycle, the incremental and differential backups for that cycle need to be marked do not copy. If the backup data for the cycle is not required by your organization, you can proceed to mark the jobs do not copy. If data from that cycle is needed, please open a support case to review.