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  • 22 March 2021
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I have a doubt in setting up DDB Creation in awindows cluster environment.2 physical servers with installed media agent and a virtual storage (starwind)1) can the DDB be on the storage shared by the nodes of the cluster?2) Can I use only 1 DDB for all nodes (MA) or should I have a DDB for each MA?



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Hi Fernando,


Yes you can use only 1 DDB by placing it on the storage Shared.





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hello @Ssripada 

Can you send the link where do you find this information?


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Hello Fernando,

I would prefer to use 2 DDB partitions, one on each MA with SSD (not shared!) for each DDB

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I need the best practices for this case. 

what is the best solution, indicated by commvault?

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Hello Fernando,

Please have a look at Deduplication Building Block Guide (

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Best practice is to place the DDB in dedicated local disk.

When you use two cluster nodes: node1 and node2 with MA component on them, then you need to assign the DDB or ddb partition location on the local disk. However if you are planning to use a clustered Media Agent, then the DDB should be located in disk cluster resource for the clustered media Agent not for the physical nodes that are also Media Agents. However a disk cluster resource is not dedicated disk as it is located in storage array.