DDB Lookup and Source side disk cache

  • 3 October 2021
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Can the use of source-side disk cache theoretically reduce the DDB lookup of data protection jobs? Clients and MA are on the same LAN. 





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Hey @Eduardo Braga !

I spoke to some colleagues and they said it depends if you are enabling this on the DDB or are they enabling this on the client.  Client side dedup does this already, otherwise on the policy side this is more advantageous for aux copies.  we would create a cache on the source MA before going to the destination.

This does not mean it will help with performance of QI Times but can help the amount that is looked up.  if the disk is slow it will still take the same amount of times to look something up so it may not actually help with that purpose.

Let me know if this clarifies your question for you!

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Deduplication - Advanced Client Properties

If you enable this on a Client, it will create a small database for local signature lookups before querying the MA. Technically, yes, it would reduce lookups against the MA’s DDB.

However, a Client and MA on the same LAN is not the typical use-case for this feature. If the Client’s cache is on slow disk, it won’t perform as well as the MA’s DDB. Combine with the typical low latency you should see on a LAN and it could potentially be slower than using the MA.

If your Client was talking over a WAN to the MA, it might be worth considering.