DDB Media agent role on SunOS Media agent

  • 19 October 2022
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I have a media agent installed on sparc with SunOS 5.11 operating system on it, and it does not have DDB MediaAgent role assigned, thus i cannot create local deduplication database partition. Is there a way to assign a DDB MediaAgent role to this media agent?


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5 replies

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Hello @Elijah Muss , and welcome to our community!

You shouldn’t have any issues using this MA as a Deduplication Database host.

Are you getting an error when you create a Storage Pool or Copy and point to this MA?  Ensure you are enabling Use Deduplication in the creation of the Pool/Copy.


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This MA(1) is created on a host with big Oracle database to run backups lan-free. We already use deduplication, however, deduplication database is located on another MA(2). And when i try option “Move partitions” on deduplication engine, MA(1) is missing in a list of media agents.

Seems like roles are assigned to MA automatically, for example, when i create MA on windows server, DDB Media Agent role is already there. That makes me think it is something about file system that doesnt support creating Deduplication Database on this media agent.

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Can you confirm the Media Agents are the same version of CV as well as CPU?

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Deduplication databases can only be hosted on Windows and Linux Media Agents.


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Thank you for the answer!