Hyperscale nodes reporting low disk space on Deduplication DDB path

  • 22 June 2023
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New to Hyperscale nodes and trying to figure out how to increase the size available to be used for the DDB paths.

We have multiple GDSP's using the HS for their DDB's and are receiving warnings that the free space on DDB MediaAgent is very low.

Looking at the disk space it looks as though there is 1.4TB left on the mount path. I'm a windows person so maybe I'm not understanding?

Is there a way to give more space to the DDB’s? Thanks


2 replies

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Hi @FionaK ,

Can you check if you run DDB Space Reclamation:

I think the best would be to log a case with Support so we can check the environment..

Best Regards,

Sebastien Merluzzi


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Hi Sebastien,

The nodes are only a couple of months old, but I have started a space reclamation job just in case.
I will log a case when I am back in the office on Monday.

Thanks for the reply