subclient creation using api

  • 29 March 2024
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Api Url : "/commandcenter/api/subclient"

Request : 
{"subClientEntity":{"clientName":"vCenter","appName":"Virtual Server","backupsetName":"test111","subclientName":"dummy_policy"},"contentOperationType":"string","content":[{"path":"string"}],"commonProperties":{"storageDevice":{"dataBackupStoragePolicy":{"storagePolicyName":"dummy_policy"}}},"vmContentOperationType":"ADD","vmContent":{"children":[{"equalsOrNotEquals":true,"displayName":"VM001","type":"VMName"},{"equalsOrNotEquals":true,"displayName":"VM011","type":"VMName"}]}}

Using above request for json message, getting error message as XML error.

<Api_GenericResp errorMessage="XML error: please refer to logs for more details." errorCode="1" />

Anybody having any idea regarding this?

Thank you in advance!!!

2 replies

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Hello @bpanda 

Thanks for the great question, Just so i can know exactly what API you are attempting to use can you please share the link to the command you are attempting?


When it is asking to check the logs there are most likely going to be on either the CS or the webserver.
If you filter by date modified when you trigger the event you might find more details that can help you in the logs.

Kind regards
Albert Williams

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API- "/commandcenter/api/subclient"