Tape Library Drive Troubleshooting

  • 31 August 2023
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I have so far replaced three drives in our DELL/EMC ML3 Tape Lib and still experiencing the same problem. Currently, there’s one valid drive that is working fine - when it comes to the other one, it is mounted and immediately unmounted after a couple of seconds - one try after another in an endless loop.

According to DELL, there’s nothing in the library log that would indicate the root of the problem (the log is clean) - they send me another drive and then the case is closed until the issue rises again.

I tried swapping the drives in slots but the problem is following the same drive no matter the slot. At this point, I’d like to exclude software-related cause of the issue.

  1. Currently, the number of errors associated with mounting and unmounting the drive is way over its threshold; that might be the reason why CV is ignoring the drive completely - how can I reset the counter?
  2. Is there a particular procedure I should follow when replacing a drive? I can see there’s an option ‘Mark drive as replaced’ (when right click on the drive) - is it necessary to go with this option after replacing a drive? I believe the library scans the drives immediately after they have been replaced or after after I have reset it - what about Commvault?

It’s also technically possible that I’m not getting brand new drives, it’s unlikely that I would get three faulty drives in a row though. I always update the firmware in the new drive I get.


2 replies

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Hi @Tommy,


Good day! 


Can you please share some screenshot where it states that it reaches the threshold? 


Once the drive is replaced physically then you must reconfigure the TL again via Expert storage configuration. 



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Hi @Arunkumar P 

Thanks for picking this up; here are two screenshots confirming the threshold has been exceeded:

The event (2nd screenshot) is kinda weird, and I’m not sure why it’s showing up frequently in the console because the drive is currently in the maintenance mode (I think the drive should be ignored but apparently CV might be still taking it into consideration when is about to perform writing tasks, not sure though).

I could try to reset the counter and see what happens, but the question is how I can do it.