Backup and Restore very slow in Oracle Cloud Infraestructure

  • 30 August 2023
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Hi Commvault community!


Does anyone know if commvault has any paper for the case below?

Does CommVault have implementation best practices documentation for backing up VMs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Backup/restore performance involving Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is very slow. In the backup configurations of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, there are no features like there are in VMware so that we can adjust and improve performance.

Is there anything we can do on the CommVault side to improve performance?

In VMware, we tested restores with a throughput of > 200GB/h. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's throughput is always less than 40GB/h using the same servers.

This makes an OCI native VM of only 50GB take more than 1 hour to restore. We don't have bottlenecks between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and CommVault because the entire Commvault architecture is built inside Oracle Cloud.

Does anyone have similar infrastructure with backups and OCI?




2 replies

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Hello Heitor,


I would be interested to see the reported statistics for the backup and restore Jobs here first.
-Unfortunately with OCI we have to use CRC to calculate the changes for Incremental jobs, Do you have stat’s from both Full and Inc jobs?

Can you check the vsbkp.log (Backup) and vsrst.log (Restore) logs for “stat” counters and let us know if you see any bottleneck in read/write or pipeline/transfer speeds at all?


Best Regards,


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Hi Michael,

we have the same performance issue for backing up VMs in OCI.

So far I was able to identify, the throughput depends strongly on “Performance/Throughput” of the mounted snapshot VM disk.

For me, I was able to increase performance by “Performance based auto-tune” turn ON in the options of mounted snapshot disk. “Target volume performance” → “Performance based auto-tune” → ON


OCI goes up to:


Auto-tuned performance: UHP (VPU/GB:120) Info

Auto-tuned IOPS: 10,575 IOPS

Auto-tuned throughput: 84.6 MB/s

Default performance: Balanced (VPU/GB:10) Info


The questions I have are:

  1. Is it the only way to increase the performance in ICO VM backup?
  2. Is it possible to trigger the “Auto-tuned performance” by Commvault for the backup on snapshot disk?


Edit: Found “OCIOverrideVolumeVPU” in additional settings. Where do we need to configure it on? On Client and MA/Proxy it didn’t work.