Can FREL's support multiple NIC's?

  • 12 September 2023
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I am considering deploying FREL’s from OVA to be configured as Access Nodes in a VMware Backup solution.

In the environment there will be a production network and a backup network.  Do FREL’s support the installation of a 2nd NIC to meet this requirement?  The FREL must be able to talk to the vCenter on the Production Network and transmit the Data to the MediaAgent on the backup network (achieved by using a DIP). 


thanks in advance for any assistance!




Best answer by Onno van den Berg 12 September 2023, 07:16

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2 replies

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In the end the FREL is just an appliance running Linux with Commvault already pre-installed so, adding a second NIC should not be a problem. However it is something that you will have try/configure yourself as it is not supported by default. I think the easiest way is to make sure the FREL is deployed first with a single NIC before adding the second NIC.

B.t.w. what is the use-case to use a second NIC? 

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Thanks Onno for your reply - much appreciated.  Apologies for the late response I have been away for some time.

In this instance, communications and connectivity to vCenter need to happen over the primary interface with Data Transfers needing to occur over a second backup NIC that will be configured with a DIP.  

Thanks again