Failed to Creat Worker Pod

  • 26 May 2023
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Hi All,

I am using Kubernetes Openshift. When Im trying backup some namesapces fails. as the following. THe applications are up and working fine.


3 replies

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Hi @ETO ,

What version are you using?

Can you check vsbkp.log on the VSA?

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Hello @Sebastien Merluzzi 


COmmvault version 11.28.63

I have checked the logs


21664 17c   08/17 20:42:03 24151442 K8sApp::DeleteSnapshot() - Snapshot [gbh-services-prod][gbh-services-prod-cv-24151442] deleted
21664 17c   08/17 20:42:03 24151442 CK8sInfo::MountVM() - Backup failed for app [gbh-services-prod]. Error [1002:0xEDDD03EA:{CK8sInfo::Backup(438)} + {K8sApp::CreateWorker(1817)/Int.1002.0x3EA-Error creating worker pod. [0xFFFFFFFF:{K8sUtils::WaitForReady(1546)/ErrNo.-1.(Unknown error)-Wait timedout for [g]. Last update [{"conditions":[{"lastTransitionTime":"2023-08-17T17:35:30Z","status":"True","type":"Initialized"},{"lastTransitionTime":"2023-08-17T17:35:30Z","message":"containers with unready status: [cvcontainer]","reason":"ContainersNotReady","status":"False","type":"Ready"},{"lastTransitionTime":"2023-08-17T17:35:30Z","message":"containers with unready status: [cvcontainer]","reason":"ContainersNotReady","status":"False","type":"ContainersReady"},{"lastTransitionTime":"2023-08-17T17:35:30Z","status":"True","type":"PodScheduled"}],"containerStatuses":[{"image":"centos:8","imageID":"","lastState":{},"name":"cvcontainer","ready":false,"restartCount":0,"started":false,"state":{"waiting":{"reason":"ContainerCreating"}}}],"hostIP":"","phase":"Pending","qosClass":"Burstable","startTime":"2023-08-17T17:35:30Z"}]}]}]
21664 17c   08/17 20:42:03 24151442 CheckVMInfoError() - VM [gbh-services-prod] Failed to create Worker Pod.

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Hello @ETO 

From the errors in the logs, while creating the worker pod it seems to be giving a time out error and this could be because of an issue while pulling the image from the repository.

Ref Doc -

We would recommend to upgrade VSA to latest MR as it contains fix for similar issue. 



Tanuj Balani