Unix Proxy application - is it needed?

  • 16 August 2021
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So recently we migrated our ESXi VMware VMs to a new vCenter and since then the VSA jobs have been failing to complete on and off and I have a single Unix appliance that is being used as a proxy so I don’t need it to manage the jobs but it is. How can I disable it from grabbing those jobs and I assume the VM snapshots will be managed by the media agents? Thanks.


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3 replies

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Hey @Bill - are the jobs failing to complete because it cant ‘find’ the VMs in the old vCenter?

(i.e Virtual Machine not found)

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Hi @Damian Andre. The issue is that the the proxy is associated with all the VM subclients which is 98% Windows based so as its trying to get that 1st FULL job and incremental jobs completed it’s crushing the proxy so I want to remove any associations with it and just let the VSA handle the snapshots so these jobs can complete as it’s going on days. That make sense?

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Hey @Bill - got it!

There are two places the proxies can be associated with the backup jobs, the first is on the vCenter client (or hypervisor client), and the second is on the subclient itself. If it was associated at the higher level at the vCenter client, removing it from there should be good enough. If the unix proxy is configured at the subclient / vm group level, then you have to go through each and remove it there.