New E2812/Media Agents recommendation

  • 19 April 2023
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I’m slogging through a CV hardware upgrade.  My company is “trying” to find $$ for training...but so far no joy, so I’m winging it.

I have a new NetApp E2812, two new media agents, and a shiny Brocade FC switch to bind them all together.

My immediate question is, do I create two volumes on the E2812 and mount one on each MA?  Or can I create just one volume and let both MAs read/write to it simultaneously?  Typically, sharing a volume like that across multiple Windows servers leads to trouble, but can the CV media agents handle that sharing?

I like the idea of a single volume letting both MAs access all of the available disk space. That alleviates the need to balance my backups across the different volumes.


Does anyone have any helpful pointers for me?  Much obliged.


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Hello @SomeUniqueName 

It probably would be best to create 2 Volumes - present one to each MA. Then add these as Mount paths under the same Disk Library in Commvault - and then share the paths to each MA using DataServer IP sharing. This will allow both MAs to access both of the volumes:

Let me know if this answers your question - thanks




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Agree with @Matt Medvedeff  - here is a really good document that should also be reviewed prior configuration;

TR-4320: NetApp E-Series and Commvault Data Platform V11 - Reference architecture and storage best practices

Thank you for the pointers.  I’ll be hitting the books today.