Which library holds pending delete records

  • 16 October 2022
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Hi Team,


When we have multiple libraries associated with a GDP, then how can we identify which library is holding the ‘pending delete records’ and ‘Data size to be freed’.





Best answer by Pavan Bedadala 17 October 2022, 17:39

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4 replies

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Please follow these steps to check pending deletes for libraries.

  1. Click on “Health” tile in the “Overview dashboard” in Command center.
  2. In the “Health” report, click on “Disk Pruning” tile.
  3. In the “Disk Pruning” report, check “DDB Prunable block count” columns for DDB records yet to be reclaimed. 
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Hi Pavan, Thankyou for the reply.


Checked the web report but it shows prunable count but we need to know to which library those prunable records are holding.

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You are right, library name is not available in column selections in the pruning report. It only shows DDB name. There is another tile, within Health report, called “DDB performance and status”, which shows both side by side (you still have to select additional column, not shown by default). Perhaps you can place a modification request if you would like to see library name in the pruning report as well.

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@naraharsha , please open a support case and request a CMR for this feature (you ncan share this thread).

Let me know the case number so I can track it.