Auxiliary copy is stuck at 30%

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Hi Damian,

It looks like the URL is being blocked from the CommServe… I’ll check it with our FW administrator tomorrow. Cheers.


Ok see how you go. I think that on I.E error 400 may be OK - it means the request is reaching the server. I checked on chrome on my side so it could be a little different.

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Hey @Kelvin , how are things looking on this?  Curious to see what your Network Administrator said.

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Hi Mike,


Since we disabled the SentinelOne on both of the Servers, the AuxCopy has been working fine, finger crossed though...

BTW, we have finally renewed our support for the CommCell faee1, however, there is a problem…

Because the CommCell is registered under the name of our sub-company in France, so it doesn’t show up in my usual support portal which is registered under the name of our US company.

At the moment, the only person who can access this faee1 support portal (by using his own email address) is my colleague in France, who is, by the way, handing over his backup job to me, therefore, I’m sure, before long, he won’t be keen to log any more new cases...

So, what do I need to do to have the access to this faee1 support portal ? Or, is there a way to move this faee1 to my own support portal ?




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Glad to hear good news (so far) on the original issue!

For the Maintenance Advantage issue, send an email to our Frontline team (via and they’ll help get you sorted.  If they need anything confirming proof of ownership, they’ll guide you.